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Sustainable Ocean Alliance - Charleston will be a forum for collaboration and empowerment of the young, environmentally-minded communities of coastal South Carolina. This hub will be a conduit for young professionals, scientists, teachers, students, community leaders, activists, storytellers, and dreamers to harness their collective knowledge and connections to create a resilient future for the marine environments near Charleston and the South Carolina Lowcountry. 

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A long sea odyssey in a sailboat is no minor feat, especially during a global pandemic. For Tripp Brower, what started as an attempted circumnavigation of the globe became an eye-opening education through the personal stories of indigenous and local communities living on the front lines of climate change, ocean biodiversity loss, and environmental colonialism in the Pacific and Caribbean basins. This is the ground-level human story of climate change and biodiversity collapse as told by the individuals and communities fighting to protect and restore the very natural systems that sustain their lives, livelihoods, and cultural identities.

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The ocean, our home, is in dire trouble. Sea Change is an Earth-spanning search for hope for a planet stretched to its limits and for a human species that has lost its link with the natural world. The source of that hope, coastal and island communities fighting for a resilient future by restoring their surrounding natural systems while re-establishing their niche as stewards within these natural systems.

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A forest is more than just the trees, it is a vibrant city of life. For the community of botanists, scholars, and conservationists to successfully restore the diminished and fragmented Longleaf Pine forests of the Southeastern United States, they must repair the intricate network of flora, fauna, and rare endemic species like William Bartram's Franklin Tree.


Grey Gowder hosts a series of conversations with thought-leaders, community leaders, scientists, and storytellers working to transform our world. This inspirational and educational podcast encourages listeners to pursue their curiosities about the world and to never stop learning.


The CityCrafting Solutions blog, co-sponsored by CityCraft Community Partners, The CityCraft Foundation, and Solutions Journal, represents a shared desire to build sustainable, equitable, and resilient human habitat by featuring a way of practice in restoring communities developed over three generations that we call “CityCrafting.”

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