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June 10, 2021

Enduring Curiosity Podcast: Episode 4


Dr. Leslie Sautter

Dr. Leslie Sautter is an associate professor of Marine Geology and Paleoceanography at the College of Charleston, and specializes in the development and implementation of multi-beam sonar deep-sea mapping to study and characterize seafloor habitat and ecosystems. She also works to advance programs to engage students in real-world research programs at sea. 

Three Generations

June 17, 2021

Enduring Curiosity Podcast: Episode 5


Dr. Jennie Stephens

Dr. Jennie Stephens is the Director for the Center for Heirs' Property in coastal South Carolina. Dr. Stephens works to help families keep family land and create economic opportunities from that land through "working landscapes" and sustainable forestry. 

Running Outdoors


Enduring Curiosity Podcast

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Robert Prioleau

& Garrett Budds

Robert Prioleau & Garrett Budds have a unique way of exploring the world's disappearing places. Not only do they explore disappearing places on foot, they also do so in an ultra marathon. These two avid runners and conservationists have discovered the power of trail running to immerse people in the outdoors and to connect with vulnerable landscapes. They describe these outdoor adventures as "Moving meditations on our world, ourselves, and the unfettered joy of running wild." 

College of Charleston
Incognito Running
Center for Heirs' Property

Past Events

Sustainable Ocean Alliance

May 20, 2021

Enduring Curiosity Podcast: Episode 3

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Rick Crawford

Rick Crawford is the founder of Emerger Strategies, a sustainable business consultancy whose mission is to solve the climate crisis by helping its clients go Zero Waste & Carbon Neutral, and of the Fly Fishing Climate Alliance whose members are committed to going Carbon Neutral by 2030. Rick joins us to discuss environmental ethics in business and the importance of stewardship.

Plastic Bag in Ocean

May 6, 2021


Eugénia Barroca

Eugénia Barroca embodies the power and passion of young people in the fight to save the oceans and reverse climate change. She is a marine biologist, Portuguese Delegate for the United Nations Youth Advisory Council, Young Ocean Leader, and Co-Founder of Sustainable Ocean Alliance Portugal along with being the Coordinator for all Portuguese language SOA hubs. Eugénia joins us to discuss how communities can help save the oceans.

City Garden

April 22, 2021


John Knott

John Knott is an internationally recognized leader in urban regeneration and sustainability. Mr. Knott is a recognized thought leader and keynote speaker who joins us to discuss sustainable community development, regenerative economies, and the restoration of the economic, environmental, and social health of cities through the CityCraft process.

CityCraft Foundation
Emerger Strategies
Sustainable Ocean Alliance
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